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Maria De Barros

Maria de Barros (born in Dakar, Senegal) is a singer most associated with Cape Verde, the land of her parents. That said she lived in Nouakchott and Rhode Island in her youth. She considers Cesária Évora to be her godmother and an inspiration. Her music thus has Morna influences, but she also has Latin or salsa influences. Besides Evora she is a fan of Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Willy Chirino, and Sting. She is also fluent and has recorded songs in several languages, including her native Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and English.

Maria De Barros

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1. Nos Paraiso
2. Mundo Malvado
3. Funana Ca Tem Frontera
4. Nha Vazio
5. Cabinda a Cunene
6. Fragilamor
7. Amanha
8. Reggadera
9. Djam Crebu Ma N'Ca Ta Frabu
10. No Continua
11. Tabanka di Txada Grandi

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