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Lumi Kenti Flamez & Que

This album projects a positive and a personal message of love, life, struggle and overcoming adversities to allow its listeners to take a deeper look on life, this album stands true to the roots of cabo verde hip hop embarking on a journey through world music .

Lumi Kenti Flamez & Que
Vida Tem Consiquencia

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1. Skit (feat. Zeca Nha Reinalda)
2. Sinatura
3. Mundo Mas Perfeto (feat. Elisangela)
4. Vida Tem Consiquencia (feat. Willibeatz)
5. Amigos Falso (feat. Ace Pirata)
6. Aterrorizado
7. Bonita (feat. Dg & Deezy O'mar)
8. Untem Ki Ta Djobe (feat. Abzula)
9. Caba Finda (feat. Dani Di Dede 3d)
10. Raprezenta
11. Nhos Sta Dreto (feat. MC Blackdalla)
12. Dicham Vive
13. Bu Personalidade (feat. Rosivelte, Dg & Nina Cabral)
14. Bo Ke Nha Nigga (feat. Jay Dizafor)
15. Ride Wit' Us (feat. Dream Ryderz)
16. Um Chanse (feat. Djicay Brava)

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