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Gemini GVX-10P Active Biamp 10' Loudspeaker

Gemini GVX-10P Active Biamp 10' Loudspeaker he 10' Gemini GVX-10P Active Loudspeaker boasts a sleek compact design while still packing quite a punch. The 2-way biamplified, optimized active loudspeaker is equipped with a 10' woofer and 2' voice coil, 200W RMS (165W LF, 35W HF), and a 400W peak. Accurate, detailed midrange and pleasant, smooth highs allow the GVX-10P loudspeaker to be driven to perform. To protect your investment, the Gemini GVX-10P speaker has short circuit, amplifier thermal, and DC protections. Other features include balanced XLR Line input with pass-thru XLR connector and a switch for full-range or monitor 100Hz low-cut filter. The Gemini GVX-10P loudspeaker has a perforated steel mesh grille. water-resistant textured black paint, and recessed flush handles that make it gig-worthy. It is also flyable, pole mountable, and floor wedge-able.

Gemini GVX-10P Active Biamp 10' Loudspeaker
Gemini GVX-10P Active Biamp 10" Loudspeaker

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